Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Chirstmas!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer....

Hello everyone!!!
Tarrah here with you today!!
Hope everyone is getting into the spirit of Christmas...not long to go now!!!

I thought I would pop on today and show you a little sneak at a project I have been working on using the ever popular X-Press It Glue Marker and a cute little FabScraps Chipboard Reindeer. Pop over to the FabScraps Oz blog to find out what I made.....

So do I have you curious now as to what I have made? To see more, make sure you pop over to the FabScraps Oz blog and find out where Rudolph has got too.
Thanks so much for stopping by today...Merry Christmas to all our lovely followers and your families. 
Be safe and be merry xx
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Decorative Edge!

Hello Everyone!  Are you addicted to dies?  I am, and at the moment there is a plethora of gorgeous decorative edged dies on the market........but how can you glue down those fine edges???  I've been working on a project for the Copic Oz Blog and used a Spellbinders Decorative Labels 8 die to frame my image.  The X-press It Glue Marker is PERFECT for those fine flourished edges.  It's not runny like a liquid and yet still applies as a fine moist adhesive!  Nothing will ooze out the sides and yet will stick fast, what could be better??!!  :)Pin It

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Crafting

X-Press It double sided tape is the perfect tape for Christmas Crafting.
From cards to scrapbook pages
From tags to decorations
I’ve loved using the double sided tape to create something a little special for Christmas


Pop on over to the FabScraps blog to see what I made


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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Perfect Paper

Colouring with red is often a problem for people....

However, using the right paper is the key to perfect Copic colouring.....

X-Press It Blending Card is the PERFECT PAPER!!!!!

Have a look at my tutorial on colouring red on the COPIC OZ BLOG!

Happy Colouring

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Red Means Strong

Probably the most annoying thing with off the page projects is that if you choose the wrong adhesive all of your hard work can be let down when the project warps or pieces come undone....

In putting these Christmas Decorations together I used X-Press It TripleTac to adhere paper to chipboard, but when it came to securing the main seam the angles prevented using wet glue... the perfect solution was X-Press It Double Sided High Tack Tape, nothing budges this tape, it's flexible too, so easy to get into and around grooves!!

It is important to save it for the tough jobs, so make note (if you haven't already) that the High Tack X-Press It Products carry RED badging, as opposed to the standard blue badging.  No need to keep them in their packaging to understand which tape is which, just rely on the inner badging as seen above... and of course the super powers of this fabby adhesive!!Pin It

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tape is the Solution...

I recently found the most scrumptious CREAM Rub-ons, I was so excited..... until the firm realisation that the lovely strips of cream lace were not going to stay in place on my card..... a little more than frustrating!!!

Rub-ons are generally pretty fine so I didn't want to risk them splitting, but still wanted to try to re-use them on my card.... in comes X-Press It Double Sided Tape!  I applied the tape to the card stock rather than the actual rub-on, this was a sturdier option and allowed me to re-apply the rub-on without another disaster!

Applying the tape to the card stock and then applying the embellishment also helps to keep items in a straight line, try this application method with ribbon or paper strips as well, you won't be disappointed with the result!Pin It

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Works Like A Charm!

Finding the perfect adhesive to attach metal charms can be very tricky....however X-Press It Clear Glue Gel works like a charm! 

Have a look at all three projects that I created...each charm has been attached using the Clear Glue Gel!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stick it up!

Not all adhesives are created equal and in my opinion, nothing works better for adhering flowers and bows than the X-press It Clear Gel Glue!  You can see my creation over on My Blog!Pin It

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Blog Hop Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our blog hop!! If you see your name below, please send an email to with the Subject: Blog Hop and "Your Postal Address". We will post your goodies off to you ASAP. 
o   Copic Oz Blog Winner- EmbossingQueen 
o   Edna’s Blog Winner- Datsu
o   Mandi’S Blog Winner-Alethea
o   FabScraps Oz Blog Winner- DebiJ
o   Marelle’s Blog Winner- Fiona Powell
o   Tarrah’s Blog Winner- Kerri

o   X-Press It Blog Winner- Alshandra 
o   Kathy’s Blog Winner- Gab 
o   Sharmaine’s Blog Winner- Rachel Marks
Here is another look at the Prize Pack that will be going out to Alshandra from the X-Press It Blog... and there are 8 additional happy winners from each of the blogs on the Hop!!
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Hop--You're Gonna Freak!!!

Welcome to our Halloween Hop sponsored by Copic, FabScraps, La-La Land Crafts and X-Press It. Today we are teaming up to share some Halloween fun. 

Whether you love scrapbooking or stamping, colouring or card making there should be something to inspire your creativity. Of course there is also awesome blog candy to be won! Simply leave a comment on each of the 9 blogs throughout the hop and you have the chance to win a fantastic trick or treat pack of blog candy on EACH of the 9 blogs! If you are just joining us on the hop, you are going to want to start at the beginning at

Thank you for stopping by to see my creation! Be sure to visit the rest of the designers participating in this blog hop, click on the next name on the list below. 

Also don't forget to leave a comment to win some blog candy. This blog hop finishes at 12:01am AEST on October 29, 2012. Enjoy the hop and happy Halloween!

o   Copic Oz
o   Edna 
o   Mandi
o   FabScraps Oz 
o   Marelle
o   Tarrah
o   X-Press It ... you are here!
o   Kathy
o   Sharmaine

X-Press It Product Notes: 
Paper:  FabScraps: Organic Lace, Organic Kitchen
Ink:  Copic 100
Extras:  FabScraps: Pearls.Pin It

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Marelle here, with a tiny sneaky peek for you!  I just love this X-Press It clear glue - I used it to adhere this large cameo onto my layout over here and it stuck like no other glue I have ever used, it is such a quick drying glue,perfect  for all your card, scrapbooking, off the page projects.  I have even used it on various school projects - I am in love with this product.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Perfect Base for Colour

Whenever I create using Copic Markers or Various Reinkers, the paper I always use is X-Press It Blending Card.  It is a crisp white 250gsm card stock, that will ensure that your Copic ink stays bright and vivid, that the ink blends beautifully on it and it is very forgiving and will not pill or bleed! 

Here I have used the X-Press It Blending Card to create my Copic Skin and Hair Colour Wheel. Copic and X-Press It Blending Card are the perfect combination for a beautiful creation!

Check out all the details for the Skin and Hair Colour Wheel over at the CopicOz Blog today!Pin It

Great Coverage with Triple Tac

Hello everyone, I’m Sharmaine and excited to be sharing with you for the first time.
When I received my Design Team pack I was eager to play with the tub of Triple Tac.
I hadn’t seen this product before and I was looking forward to testing it out.
It didn’t let me down!
I just love the coverage that X-Press It Triple Tac provided.
And it dried super quick and adhered like a dream!


I’ve used it on my first FabScraps creation, you can see it on the FabScraps blog.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Can Never Have Enough X-Press It Tape!!

Hi everyone!!!
Tarrah here with you, I thought I would pop on here today and give you a little sneak peek of a layout I have been working on using the ever popular and amazing 6mm X-Press It double sided tape.
This is my 'go to' tape, the size is perfect for almost everything I need it for and I always have to have a stash of it in case I run out!!!
So here is what I have been working on....a layout featuring an all new, just released here in Australia, line of gorgeous papers and embellishments and you can of course go here to the FabScraps Oz blog and see for yourself!
You will see how I created my layout and the finished product.

Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope I have you intrigued as to what I have created, for more information make sure you come over and see us here

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

High Tack Foam Tape Makes Things POP!!!

I *love* adding dimension to my projects and the X-press It High Tack Foam Tape is AWESOME!!!  This tape just does not move and gives you confidence that your popped details will not fall off!!!  Want to see what I made with it this week and play along with a challenge to raise funds for Breast Cancer........pop on over to the Copic Oz Blog!!!!  :)Pin It

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the LOVE of Triple Tac!

Have you always admired photos printed onto a canvas but thought it was too hard? Well it’s super easy with the help of X-Press It Triple Tac!

To start you need to gather the following materials:
-One X-Press It Canvas 
-Your photo printed onto ordinary office paper, printed big enough to cover the top/ top and sides
-A Jar of X-Press It Triple Tac
-A Foam Brush
-Paper Towel
-Black Paint (optional)

Prepare your image. Print your photo onto white office paper. I reversed my image before printing, so it would look the same as my original photo. I used a laser jet printer but it also works with ink jet. Make sure the size of your printed photo is appropriate for your canvas. You can either make it large enough to cover the top of your canvas, or you can wrap it around the sides.

Using your foam brush paint a generous layer of X-Press It Triple Tac onto your canvas. If you wrapping the image around the sides, make sure you coat the sides of the canvas too.
Next lay your canvas on top of your paper- with the coloured side facing the canvas.  Make sure all of the paper is in contact with the canvas; otherwise your final image will have bare patches. Cut the corners of your paper, to make folding the edges easier and glue the paper on the sides of the canvas. Allow to dry.

When your image is completely dry, you need to wet the paper. I like to lay mine in a very thin layer of water (Less than ½ a centimetre) for about 30 seconds. Lightly spraying the paper with spray bottle also works.

 You will start to see your image coming through. Gently rub the paper until it begins to pill. Make sure you are not too rough as this will start to remove your photo. You may need to re-wet the canvas from time to time.

Continue removing the paper, I keep a soft cloth or some paper towel handy to wipe off the pilled paper. When you are satisfied that you image has come through clearly, allow the canvas to dry completely.When the canvas is dry, your image may look a bit cloudy, this is normal! If it looks very white you can repeat the previous step and re-wet the canvas to remove more paper. However I usually find that the cloudiness goes away as soon as you complete the next step.  

Using your foam brush, coat your dry canvas with a thin layer of Triple Tac. If you would like a smooth finish, make sure your strokes are even. If you would like a brush effect, go nuts! Let the Triple Tac dry completely and add a second coat. Depending on the look you are going for, your second coat can be thicker than the first.

If you have wrapped the image around the sides of the canvas and you are happy with how it looks, then you are done! If you left the sides bare, then now is the time to paint the sides. I painted the sides of my canvas with black paint, to make my image pop.

We hope you enjoyed this X-Press It tutorial. Keep an eye on this blog for more great ways to use your favourite X-Press It products. 

To find your local stockist of the X-Press It range then please  place an enquiry here.  

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Masking with Mask-It

X-Press It Mask It is a great tool to use to seamlessly combine stamps. Kathy has created a fantastic step by step tutorial on the Copic Oz blog, be sure to check it out here!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Heart Layers and Triple Tac!!!!

Hello again everyone!!
Tarrah with you today to show you how AMAZING the X-Press It Triple Tac is!!

I love this stuff so much that I decided to make a layered canvas and what better way to show the love than to use hearts!!

First of all I chose some papers and the right die-cut size to suit my canvas.

 Cut out your desired number of shapes using your preferred shape and die-cutter. In my example I chose to use 9 heart shapes....arrange these until you are happy with the design... 

 Now for the fun part!! Triple Tac is quite a runny product so you won't need a lot to apply to the back of each shape..

Apply a little to the back of your shapes and adhere in place...

This is where you can go crazy with it!!!! Next scoop out a big dollop with your brush and go for your life applying it all over the top of your canvas....

It will look like this when is a good idea to start layering with your embellishments while the canvas is wet from the Triple Tac because you can adhere everything down and it can all dry together....perfect!!

For my layers I have added rub-on quotes, ribbon, stickers, tickets, handmade buttons, word stickers etc

And here is the finished canvas all dry. The Triple Tac is so strong that nothing will be moving from that canvas in a hurry!!!!  

So there you have it, you can easily create a canvas or any project you desire using Triple Tac, it is such a versatile product and you will be amazed at the strength and what you will use it for. Get your hands on some today!!
Thanks so much for stopping by the X-Press It blog today, I hope I have given you some inspiration to create your own projects using Triple Tac. 
Stay tuned again next month for another exciting project and X-Press It product.

Have a great day, 
Tarrah :)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Triple Tac--Paper Topped Canning Jars

This month I am demonstrating Triple Tac and its super powers when it comes to metal.... It's hard to get paper to stick to a metal surface without bubbles and post-dry lift, problem solved with Triple Tac, it is extra strong and virtually sucks the paper up against flat pieces of metal, and moulds the paper to the curves, I loved testing it on some Canning Jars!

My favourite colour is silver so the fact that canning jar lids come in two pieces is perfect for me, I can keep my beloved silver and still have colour co-ordinated tops for my button jars, here is what I started with...

The first step is to prepare the paper for pasting to the lid, it really is as simple as choosing your paper, making sure you have at least 1cm of paper bigger than the total size of the lid, you will see in my pictures that I have drawn two circles, the outer circle is the edge of the jar lid, the inner circle is where the ridge falls in the top of the lid.... to measure this I placed a piece of scrap paper on top of the lid and ran my fingernail in the groove.  This is important because you want to take your cutting lines to the inner circle; cutting like this gives the paper room to mould through the groove and over the edge of the lid.  So trace the circles, cut at random intervals to the inner circle, apply a generous amount of Triple Tac and then place the lid on top of the paper...

Gently press the paper to the lid, then flip it over and run your finger in the groove to move the paper into the groove space, then stretch each piece of spliced paper and tuck it behind the lid.  Wait a minute or so, and then take a file to the edge of the lid to separate the excess paper, you could use your scissors to do this, but I like that filing takes off the paper right at the edge of the lid, and leaves a really smooth finish...

Once you have removed the excess paper, you can make a choice to leave your lids in two pieces or to join them together as I have done.... If you are gluing them together I would advise sitting the inner lid on top of the jar, then adding a run of Triple Tac right on the outer edge of the inner lid, I have used the red top to show you this step as the Triple Tac showed up better on this paper...  Then screw the outer lid onto the jar to secure and, at the same time, align both lids so that they will always fit to the top of the jar.  Only leave them screwed to the top of the jar for 30 seconds or so, just enough for the initial contact to start to dry.... then unscrew the lid and leave upside down to dry for a couple of minutes.... this just makes sure that any little bit of excess glue dries to the lid and not between the jar and the lid.

You can co-ordinate your papers like I have or just use papers that match whatever you plan to put inside the jars.... if canning jars are not your style, you can use this same technique on everyday jars, have a mish-mash set and cover them in co-ordinating paper and they will all of a sudden look like they belong together.... use the same jam every time.... cover the lids and you will have a little matching line-up of fancy jars.... enjoy!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Glue Marker with Twine and Embellishments

Hello everyone!! Tarrah here with you today......another fabulous trend going around at the moment that I am sure you have all seen is the bakers twine and handmade embellishments!!! So I thought I would share with you today how super easy it is to attach that said twine and some handmade embellishments using the all new X-Press It Glue Marker pen!!!!   
When I first used the Glue Marker pen I was pleasantly surprised at just how much glue actually comes out of the pen so you don't need to use much at all!!!

Start off by gathering some supplies you will be using......

Give the glue marker a good shake before using, press down and 'draw' your glue onto your embellishments...with these Kraft cardstock cogs and handmade embellishments I applied the glue to where the button was going to adhere to the cog and this then made it easy to move around my layout for placement before adhering the entire embellishment down. 

The great thing is about the glue marker is that there is absolutely NO excess glue running out everywhere because you have been able to use just a small amount that's why it is so fabulous for embellishments and small bits and pieces. 

Next I used the glue marker to adhere some twine to my layout and wow it did it with such ease. 

I first placed the twine in the direction and shape I wanted and then all I did was lift the twine slightly and placed the glue in some strategic spots....just enough to get the twine stuck down without losing the shape and look I wanted. 

Another top idea to use the glue marker for is if you have any embellishments or Thickers or stickers etc that may have lost there stick....the glue marker is perfect for these, you can just place a small amount of glue marker to the back of them!!!

Here is my finished layout with all the embellishments attached using the glue marker...

Thank you so much for stopping by the X-Press IT blog today, I hope I have inspired you to create something wonderful using the Glue Marker....whether it be a small project like a card or a big project like an off the page etc we would LOVE to see them, make sure you leave a comment and leave a link so we can pop on over and take a look at your work.

Stay tuned for next month.....we have lots more great ideas to show you all using the X-Press It products and there might even be a prize or two up for grabs as well!!!!!
Have a great day!!!
Tarrah :)    
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Glue Pen Sparkles and Scrappy Delights

This month we are featuring X-Press It's newest delight in the very versatile Glue Marker.  And a Marker it is, I love how it allows you to choose how you will layer the glue, either a thin veil for easy stick or a pool of glue for adding dimension.... you will see what I mean in the different applications of the Glue Marker in this tag tutorial....

I wanted to add glitter by way of scroll and flourish like embellishments and to add texture with some paper scraps, here is what I started with:

I die cut fine embellishments from black card and added very fine, sparkling black glitter to them, which was really easy thanks to the Glue Marker.  It is as simple as drawing the glue across the face of the die cut, you get a much denser application of glitter if you allow the Glue Marker to sit as you apply it to the card, which will result in a slight pool of glue for the glitter to adhere to...

After stamping a double series of each of the two flowers from this reverse image, I chose two pieces of each flower to pop up, the popped layers are achieved with a combination of tiny pieces of Foam Mounting Tape (at the top of the petals) and a fine application of the Glue Marker (at the base of the petals)... the Glue Marker was fabulous for this, instant flat bond!!!

To add dimension to the centre of each flower and to tie in with the red elements across the card, I took a piece of scrap card and made it into tiny pieces of confetti, pooling the ink on top of the centre detail in each of the stamped flowers and then piling the confetti atop the glue, wait a couple of seconds and shake off the excess and you will have added a little more dimension to these flowers.

Once the sparkle is added to the flourishes and the flowers have been built it was a simple case of putting the tag together... I used the Glue Maker to attached the paper to the tag base, and to add each of the embellishments, it is super fabby on the fine details of the flourishes, a quick dab in a few strategic places and the glittering delights are all in place.

I  hope you enjoyed this tutorial for the Glue Marker, it is a must for your tool kit, and has fast become my crafty friend!!  Here is a detail shot of the glitter, flower dimension and confetti...

...until next time, enjoy!!

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