Monday, May 4, 2015

X-Press It Deco Tape

Finished X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape Journal

We are excited to announce a fun new addition to the X-Press It range: X-Press It Deco Tape! Available in both a paper tape and glitter tape, Deco Tape makes it quick and easy to customise your projects, like this one of a kind journal!

X-Press It Paper Deco Tape 
            • 6mm wide
            • 10 rolls per each
            • 50 metres (5 metres per roll)
            • Acid Free
            • Easy to tear by hand
            • Premium quality

X-Press It Glitter Deco Tape 
            • 6mm wide
            • 10 rolls per each
            • 30 metres (3 metres per roll)
            • Acid Free
            • Easy to tear by hand
            • Premium quality
            • Mess free way of applying glitter

- X-Press It Deco Tape (either Glitter or Paper Tape)

- A5 X-Press It Blending Journal
- Cutting Knife

Step 1:

Position your first colour of Deco Tape. You could create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern. Your first line is important as the rest of your lines will be positioned around it.

Gently run your finger of the line of tape to ensure that it is in contact with your journal.

Step 2:

To create a neat finish, cut the roll of tape off by running your knife along the edge of your journal.
Step 3:

Repeat the same process, alternating colours of Deco Tape, leaving a small gap between. The black lines coming through, makes the glitter pop!
Finished Project

After filling the entire space, you'll end up with something like this. Your journal is sure to stand out from the crowd!
X-Press It Paper Deco Tape 

You could also create a fun cover like this one using The X-Press It Paper Tape on the X-Press It Mixed Media Journal. With 5 metres per roll, you'll have 50 metres of tape to play with! We've also doodled on this cover with Copic Multiliners and a white Kirarina Wink Pen.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paper fun with adhesive sheets

Hi everyone

Sharmaine here with 2 videos of some quick and easy paper craft ideas.
In the first I will share how to make some mini bunting
And in the second, how to use your stash and make some stickers.
All using X-Press It double sided adhesive sheets.

But first here are two ways that I used the mini bunting, dressing up some gift ideas.




Hoping your week is craft filled


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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pop & Shine with X-Press It Tapes and Glue Markers

It's time to use your basics to glam up simple stamped images for a card… you can have every fancy cutting tool known to man but a simple swipe of glue to hold glitter, and varied layers of tape to set different heights across your card front should never be underestimated!

All you need to start this simple project is X-Press It double sided adhesive tape and foam tape, in any width but I used 6mm, plus a trusty X-Press It Glue Marker, or Markers in my case… Importantly, select one part of your main stamped image and double stamp it, so that you can stack it up paper tole style… see below I stamped and cut out a section of the skirt on the pink dress… and then a separate banner and flower were also stamped and fussy cut:

 With the images as a starting point I cut a card base so that it had a 6mm overhang and run the Wide Glue Marker around the outside edge so that I could add a glitter detail to the outside edge of the card:

Once the base is all glittered up it is time to add tape to the different stamped elements, mixing up flat double sided tape with foam tape, and doubled up foam tape provides for different heights across the card.  If you look closely below you can see: single foam tape on the square stamped image and dress, doubled up foam tape on the flower elements and simple double sided tape on the banner:

When you place the skirt on top of the main image, and then the main image to the card front you get a nice lift for both of these, the largest elements of the card front:

Mix up the levels with a banner that is set flat against the base image, and then extra POP on the flower thanks to the doubled up foam tape:

Continue the sprinkling of shine by adding more glitter to the highest point in your card, the flower element:

A few extra sprinkles go a long way to bringing all the shine together… the dimension between the glittered edge on the card base and main image provide for maximum light to catch this little detail too:

So the next time you need a big POP on your projects, bring out the simple things in your stash, foam tape is a miracle worker for adding different levels of POP and Glue Markers the perfect base for added SHINE:

Enjoy the simple things and add to your justification for always having a good stash of X-Press It basics in your creative space… go forth and make simple SHINE!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sweet 16 Card using X-Press It Adhesive Sheets

Hello crafters.
Sharmaine here with a really fun way to make a sweet 16 card.


All you need is some cardstock, X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheets and some 100’s & 1000’s


Cut two pieces of card to equal lengths (whatever your ideal card size may be)
Then take one of the cards and cut out the design you require.
I made mine nice and simple and cut it with an electronic cutting machine.


Next step is to cut a length of adhesive sheet
I cut a piece the same length as my card
Making it easy to adhere the two pieces of card
Peel off the backing sheet and adhere to one piece of card.


Then peel off the other backing sheet and stick the two pieces of cards together.


You will notice the “cut out section” now has the adhesive sheet peeking through.
Now comes the messy part!


Cover the whole sticky section with 100’s & 1000’s.
You may need to push them down from time to time
Until the whole section is covered.


But once the sprinkles are stuck onto the tape they won’t move far.


If you weren’t up for sprinkles you could coat the section with microbeads or sand.
You could also create tags, embellishments or even coat die cuts using the same technique.
X-Press It Adhesive Sheets are super strong and sticky.

Hope this has inspired you to create.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

X-Press It Double Sided Tape: Tiny Envelopes

Well today is a little bit of fun, and a gentle reminder that all things are possible with the wonders of X-Press It Double Sided Tape, if you had nothing else left in your adhesive stash this little product will be able to solve all of your sticky situations!

I punched a few little envelopes from FabScraps Papers for today's mini project, it is great to use double sided papers for this as you get a pattern on the inside of the envelope as well:

All you need to secure the envelope is a run of 6mm Double Sided Tape on the lower edge of the two front flaps:

They secure nicely, firm and confident that they are going to stay:

Some little envelopes need some fun little messages, these little notes will be fun to send to a few little ladies in the post:

They fit nicely in the mini envelope and the tape holds the paper securely when the notecards are inserted:

When you have used fancy paper to make envelopes you want a simple but special seal for the back closure, today I have used simple white tissue paper with a strip of 12mm Double Sided Tape, simple press the tape onto the tissue paper and run your knife along the long edges to separate the tape from the sheet of tissue paper:

I like to rip my Double Sided Tape, and for the faux washi this is a great look:

It is not that I have run out of X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheets, I always keep a good stash, but I thought I would show how quick you can build a little square of adhesive to cut out a die cut with a few passes of Double Sided Tape:

It cuts like butter and leaves little if any residue when pushed through a die cutting machine:

So the little tag lets me know which envelope is for which little lady, and there is no risk of the label falling off now that it is secured with Double Sided Tape:

This little group of messages is now ready for delivery, with thanks to X-Press It Double Sided Tape:

Today's little tutorial is a lesson in the basics, it's great to get back to multiple uses for your basic supplies, enjoy!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

X-Press It Glues: Art Journal Cover

This week I got to play with some trusty X-Press It favourites, but with fancy new packaging!!  Clear Gel and TripleTac Glue are two of the three most used products in my creative space, behind X-Press It 6mm Double-Sided Tape… and today I put them to tried and tested use in building a cover for my latest X-Press It Mixed Media Journal.  Here they are in all of their new packaging glory:

Given this will be a journal that I will fill with Mixed Media I opted to let the cover tell of the intended contents and mixed papers, tapes, paint, ink and other odds to bring this cover to life, starting with some FabScraps Papers and vintage papers from an old cross word dictionary… which is fun to use especially if you pull out pages with words that relate to your project:

The cover of the Mixed Media Journal is very thick book board, which makes a great base for a lot of wet layers, I started by securing strips of vintage paper and Hazel & Ruby Washi Tape with X-Press It TripleTac Glue:

Then it was time for layers of little strips of patterned paper, which you can see in this picture if you look closely behind the gesso which I layered over the top:

Then it was time to build paper scrolls by rolling strips of vintage paper on an angle and securing them with TripleTac Glue:

These little beauties are great for making all sorts of flowers, but today I fashioned them into a heart, because I wanted this cover to speak of "Heart for Art":

The scrolls take on layers nicely too, so I opted for some texture paste coloured with paint and pushed through a stencil, with lots of ooze, mess is good for mixed media.  It took the stencil to the background in places as well, and also added a little FabScraps sticker for a little more texture:

Next it was time to provide a little more definition to the heart, yellow paint and black outline pen make this easy, you can see the paint in this step and the pen in pictures that follow:

The it was time for some lettering, I hunted around in my stash and had trouble finding letters in the right colours, but managed the "heart" in glossy white plastic letters, which I added texture to by covering with dabs of gesso… used gesso also on the VRT s well, to cover the lime green lettering and get it ready for the grey paint… notice the upside down V in this photo… close enough to an A, I say! Clear Gel Glue is my trusty stick anything friend:

And then for a little final touch, I made these little flower petals from some baby wipes that I used on a previous project to wipe back some paint, they were nice and crunchy and cut well to form this little circle layers which are edges with liner pen:

The flowers were pieced together and to the project with Clear Gel Glue, including the little bead centres, to finish off the journal cover… a little messy introduction to what will no doubt come when I get to test a few more X-Press It products on the inner pages:

Here are the products I used today:
X-Press It Mixed Media Journal
X-Press It TripleTac
X-Press It Clear Gel Glue
FabScraps Papers & Sticker
Atelier Free Flow Artists Acrylic Paints

So get started with your Mixed Media Journal by making the cover speak to what you hope to fill it with, use what you have, it will come to life with X-Press It Glues as the champion that brings all things creative to a finish line… enjoy!

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