Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Red Means Strong

Probably the most annoying thing with off the page projects is that if you choose the wrong adhesive all of your hard work can be let down when the project warps or pieces come undone....

In putting these Christmas Decorations together I used X-Press It TripleTac to adhere paper to chipboard, but when it came to securing the main seam the angles prevented using wet glue... the perfect solution was X-Press It Double Sided High Tack Tape, nothing budges this tape, it's flexible too, so easy to get into and around grooves!!

It is important to save it for the tough jobs, so make note (if you haven't already) that the High Tack X-Press It Products carry RED badging, as opposed to the standard blue badging.  No need to keep them in their packaging to understand which tape is which, just rely on the inner badging as seen above... and of course the super powers of this fabby adhesive!!Pin It

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