Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Heart Layers and Triple Tac!!!!

Hello again everyone!!
Tarrah with you today to show you how AMAZING the X-Press It Triple Tac is!!

I love this stuff so much that I decided to make a layered canvas and what better way to show the love than to use hearts!!

First of all I chose some papers and the right die-cut size to suit my canvas.

 Cut out your desired number of shapes using your preferred shape and die-cutter. In my example I chose to use 9 heart shapes....arrange these until you are happy with the design... 

 Now for the fun part!! Triple Tac is quite a runny product so you won't need a lot to apply to the back of each shape..

Apply a little to the back of your shapes and adhere in place...

This is where you can go crazy with it!!!! Next scoop out a big dollop with your brush and go for your life applying it all over the top of your canvas....

It will look like this when is a good idea to start layering with your embellishments while the canvas is wet from the Triple Tac because you can adhere everything down and it can all dry together....perfect!!

For my layers I have added rub-on quotes, ribbon, stickers, tickets, handmade buttons, word stickers etc

And here is the finished canvas all dry. The Triple Tac is so strong that nothing will be moving from that canvas in a hurry!!!!  

So there you have it, you can easily create a canvas or any project you desire using Triple Tac, it is such a versatile product and you will be amazed at the strength and what you will use it for. Get your hands on some today!!
Thanks so much for stopping by the X-Press It blog today, I hope I have given you some inspiration to create your own projects using Triple Tac. 
Stay tuned again next month for another exciting project and X-Press It product.

Have a great day, 
Tarrah :)

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  1. Love this Tarrah with all your fancy hearts and embellies... What a fun way to use our beloved TT!!