Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sticky Barc and it’s endless uses

Have you used Sticky Barc before?
I hadn’t and I was curious to know just what it could do.
So I gave it a test drive.
First step was to cut a piece to A4 size and run it through my printer.
It cut just like butter. I was afraid it might “shatter” but it didn’t.
I thought the printer ink might smudge. It didn’t.

Free Printable found

I cut out one of the images and decided to make a journal page with it.
(You can read more about that on my blog).


I used one of the images and painted over it with some water colour paint.
I love the way the printer ink feathered out as it bled through the wood grain.


Now because the Sticky Barc is adhesive I thought it would make great deco tape.
I cut off a scrap and stuck it flat using some double sided tape.


Then I simply stamped a repeated pattern over the Sticky Barc.


Easy as that!
Another gift idea that was a great way to use up the leftovers was to stamp a tag shaped stamp onto the Sticky Barc.


I then cut out the shapes and they were ready to be used.
You could write on them, run them through the typewriter or printer, or add some alpha stickers.


Great for gift tags or labels on bottles (the adhesive backing makes it super simple for that!).


You could emboss some too or even use a die cut machine or electronic cutting machine to make other amazing die cut shapes.
Here is the journal page I made using the bird image that I printed onto the Sticky Barc.


Hope you give Sticky Barc a test run too. It’s fun medium to play with.
Have a creative week

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

X-Press It: Glitter Paint

Today's tutorial takes us to a place close to many hearts…. glitter!  I am sure we all have a little, or not so little, stash of glitters in our drawers, some perhaps even unopened like the glitter I unearthed to make Glitter Paint!  It is a given in life, that all things are easier with X-Press It TripleTac, and in this case there is no need for expensive glitter glues, just supplies on hand and your trusty TripleTac… here is what I started with today:

You have seen me transform chipboard with Copic Markers before, below is the standard treatment of colouring the chipboard directly with a marker that co-ordinates with your patterned papers:

But when you are getting shabby, you don't necessarily want a matt coloured piece of chipboard, so get your TripleTac out and find a little dash of co-ordinated glitter, I use equal quantities of both, but you can mix the density of the glitter by changing the ratio of TripleTac to Glitter:

Simple mix the two together with a paint brush, the glitter paint will look milky as the TripleTac is white until it dries:

The it is a simple case of using your paint brush to apply the Glitter Paint to your pre-coloured chipboard, with this density of Glitter Paint I needn't have coloured the base first, but I always like to give some assurance just in case any little pieces are peeping through:

Disburse some of the left over Glitter paint on your planned embellishments and card layers, it helps to tie in the elements:

Then it is a simple case of putting your elements together on a card front:

From bland to glam in a matter of minutes:

Here are the X-Press It Products I used in my tutorial today:

X-Press It TripleTac Glue
FabScraps Crafty Girl Die Cut Chipboard
FabScraps Industrial Chic Collection

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