Wednesday, August 19, 2015

X-Press It Glue Marker -- Ways to Use It

  • Acid Free & Xylene Free
  • Water based & Non Toxic
  • Clear Drying
  • Permanent or Temporary Bond
  • Suitable for glitter, flocking, embossing, masking and much more.

Application 1: Glitter
Run a glue marker at the edge of card and cover with glitter to add a sparkling border.
Write words with a glue marker and cover with glitter to bring the word to life.
A great way to add your own handwriting to your projects.

Application 2: Fabric and Ribbons
Secure the top of a piece of fine lace with a line of Glue Marker across the front of a card.
Follow the scallop of the lace with a Glue Marker for precision finishing on fabric elements.

Application 3: Rhinestones
Secure rhinestones that come without a sticky back anywhere on your projects with a dot of Glue Marker.
Making lines of rhinestones or scrolls of different sized gems is easily achieved with the same application of Glue Marker.

Application 4: Fine Paper
Cover a surface with Glue Marker and scrunch tissue paper across the front, the thin layer of glue is perfect for gentle application of fine papers and such.  In this sample I have applied the ink after securing the paper, so that the crushed paper picks up the ink.
You can also use the Glue Marker around the edge of a piece of card and lay the tissue paper down flat.

Application 5:  String
Scroll a line of Glue Marker across your project to add fine twine details.
Use free form scrolls, or add strings to balloons and such.  The Glue Marker's bond is strong, just hold in place for 20 seconds or so and the string will be secure enough to hold and dry in place.

Glue Markers are truly versatile and a must for your creative tool kit, I recommend one standard Glue Marker and one Wide Glue Marker to provide the versatility needed to achieve fine work and coverage for your projects.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

X-Press It Foam Mounting Tape

  • Acid free - Solvent free
  • Suits a wide range of surfaces
  • Easy to see release liner
  • Ideal for scrapbooking and craft applications
  • Produces great 3D effects
  • Also available in High Tack
    • Extra strong adhesive
    • High grip on metals, glass, wood, paper, plastics and fabric
  • Available in 6mm, 12mm and 18mm widths


Using Foam Mounting tape is easy.
Being double sided adhesive simply cut off the desired length,
adhere to your project and remove the backing.


To give more height to your project just add more foam tape.


And for even more height, add more tape.


Great for paper projects and heavier materials, like chipboard.


Foam tape makes it easy to add layers and dimension.

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