Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recycled Candle Holder

I just love being able to reuse household items to create something different.
I’m going to show you how I used X-Press It’s Triple Tac Glue to help create a candle holder.


The task called for a clean jar, tissue paper and some glue.


The jar would have been better if it was smaller but this one did the job.
You might see that i’ve used the gorgeous Hazel & Ruby tissue paper. It was perfect for this task.


It has a little more give than regular tissue paper and worked like a dream when I spread a layer of Triple Tac on the back.


I then covered the jar with the paper. I wasn’t too fussed by the creases, they just add to the dreamy glow later!


I could have left it at this step or I could have added some twine, which could have been glued in place if you wanted.


But I wanted a different glow so I gave the tissue paper a wash with some water colour before adding the twine.


The end result was a gorgeous glow.
Love that the Triple Tac dries clear and holds so well.
Can you imagine a row of these, in different sizes??
Or add some wire to create some hanging lanterns.
What great ideas have you got to revamp every day household items??


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