Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tape is the Solution...

I recently found the most scrumptious CREAM Rub-ons, I was so excited..... until the firm realisation that the lovely strips of cream lace were not going to stay in place on my card..... a little more than frustrating!!!

Rub-ons are generally pretty fine so I didn't want to risk them splitting, but still wanted to try to re-use them on my card.... in comes X-Press It Double Sided Tape!  I applied the tape to the card stock rather than the actual rub-on, this was a sturdier option and allowed me to re-apply the rub-on without another disaster!

Applying the tape to the card stock and then applying the embellishment also helps to keep items in a straight line, try this application method with ribbon or paper strips as well, you won't be disappointed with the result!Pin It

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