Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tissue Paper Photo Canvas

Hello again everyone!!! It's Tarrah here again with you today to show you a project that I just loved creating to share with you all.
It is of course using the X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive sheets!!!

Gather what you will need to create the project....a canvas (preferably A4 or smaller), a plain sheet of printer paper, X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheet, white tissue paper, sticky tape, scissors, an inkjet printer with ink. 
 Begin by cutting your tissue paper to fit the A4 plain paper so the long sides are flush and so you have just a little bit hanging over the ends. Tape these overhanging sides underneath. I was using recycled tissue paper so at this point I gave it a VERY light iron with a towel over the top to smooth a few of the wrinkles (wouldn't that be good for our faces LOL!!!!!) 
 Once your tissue paper is cut to size, smoothed and taped down to the A4 plain paper, you then need to print your chosen photo....I have two options to print with my printer, from the rear tray or the cassette tray at the bottom and when I went to print it from the rear tray it was snagging the tissue paper (lucky it didn't rip!!) as its not all taped down so lucky for me I could use the bottom cassette where there was no snagging but I just had to be sure I knew what side the tissue paper needed to be on to print on the correct side. 
 Once the ink is completely dry, its just a matter of trimming the tissue paper away from the plain paper where you taped it down...because my canvas was smaller than A4 size this allowed me to cut it a little higher but for a true A4 canvas you would need to be more precise and cut closer to the tape. 
 As you can see in the photo below the tissue paper is quite thin and fragile so you need to be really careful when handling it in the next few steps!!!
 Trim your double sided adhesive sheet to size and then place down firmly on your canvas, carefully tearing away the backing sheet......
 Starting at one side of the canvas, gently lay the tissue paper photo down smoothing it out very carefully as you place it down, you will have a few wrinkles but it adds to the character....
 This is how it should look when you have can now paint a light layer of X-Press It Triple Tac over your whole canvas to seal it....being very careful.....
or you can embellish your canvas first 
like I have done with my finished canvas.....I used some rub-ons from my stash to liven it up a little!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by the X-Press It blog, I hope I have inspired you to create something wonderful...we would love to see them!!
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Tarrah :)
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easy Stick is Easy Play

We are featuring X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheets this month, and it really has been a pleasure to test drive these... perfect for paper crafting, they are super adhesive, yet easy to apply to card and they have a little bit of push and give when you place paper on top of the adhesive.  I even gently removed and repositioned paper strips a few times, that is an added bonus when you are using lots of bits of paper!

So this month I opted to demo some paper quilting, with the thought that this was a great way to showcase the adhesive sheets, but also to use up the plethora of scraps that we all collect from the fabby paper packs that we have.  I have shown four different types of paper quilting in this tutorial, all would be great to use, as I have done, straight up as backgrounds, and also to die cut into shapes for use on cards and pages.

Here is what I started with...

The first step was to prepare the background card.  I chose to adhere a whole sheet of standard white card to one of the A4 double sided adhesive sheets.  This is really easy to do, just peel back a few centimetres of the backing from the sheet...

gently place the card on top of the exposed adhesive, this secures the top section of the card

then it is as easy as slowly pulling back the adhesive backing and rubbing the adhesive to the card.  One whole sheet of card with adhesive will be good for 4 full card backgrounds...

The first paper quilt is Herringbone.  This is a great technique to use up small strips of paper.  In this example I have strips that measure 0.7cm 1.0cm and 1.3cm.
The strips don't have to match on both sides of the pattern, but I chose to do this this time.  To start you need to run one long piece diagonally across the card base.  Then one shorter piece each side to section as shown below...
From there simply take strips of paper and butt them up to the end point in each section, working through the section until there is no adhesive that remains exposed.
Once you have done this for all four sections, turn the card over and trim the ends to reform your original shape.
Then you can trim to the specific sized card front you need.  I show a card at the end of this post using this background....

The next background is what I have called Starburst, cut three pieces of patterned paper the same size as your adhesive sheet.  
Slice through all three layers at the same time, from the one corner point.  
Note this will give you enough paper pieces for three backgrounds, and allow you to mix your pattern as shown.  In this example, I edged each paper piece with white ink prior to adhering.  This helps to soften the joins.

The next background builds chevrons.  I cut squares, using a paper punch, from co-ordinating papers, slicing each square on the diagonal to form a series of triangles.  I inked the edge of each triangle with brown ink this time.
Place the triangles along a straight line across your adhesive sheet, off-set matching paper triangles against the first row to form your first chevron, repeat with co-ordinating paper triangles until your sheet is full.

The last paper pattern is what I call Brick Wall.  Simply take a series of patterned papers, all the same width, but cut into various lengths.  I edged mine with  my trusty Copic 100 to define the edges and help with the Brick Wall effect.
 Start in one corner, and lay the paper pieces across the adhesive surface, offsetting the joins along the way.

Here is a finished card with the herringbone background, I chose this open frame again to allow as much of the background as possible to show through...
Thanks for visiting us at the X-Press It Blog, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for Double Sided Adhesive Sheets, tell us what you think by leaving a comment on one of this month's posts, one lucky commenter will win next month's feature product, which is the ever popular Clear Gel--Good Luck!!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creating your own sticky back die cuts!

Pre made Die cuts are all the rage now in scrapbooking as well there is a plethora of die cutting machines and dies to create your own. I wanted to share with you how I made my own sticky back die cut using X-press Its double side sheets-they are amazing just like doubled sided tape but they come in A4 size so you can cut a piece to any size you need. Lets start. First I chose a die that I wanted to cut out.

I then cut a square of pattern paper, slightly bigger that the die and then peeled back one side of the sheet and stuck my pattern paper down. I then trimmed around the edge of this.

Next I placed my die onto my die cutting machine and rolled it through.

I was left with my pattern paper cut into the shape I wanted and It had a sticky back.

I carefully peeled away the backing paper.

Finally I stuck my diecut down in the position I wanted! EASY.

..and Here is my finished layout.
 You can see I have layered my title and a few embellishments over the top of the die cut!

Thanks for popping by the X-press It blog. Rememeber as always if you leave a comment you will go in the running for a chance to win next month's product feature which is the ever popular CLEAR GLUE GEL.
Be fore I go I would like to announce lasts months winner Kasey in Oz- CONGRATULATIONS , If you could email Sascha -  to claim you prize for April.
I hope I have inspired you and I look forward to seeing the other girls projects in the coming weeks.
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