Monday, October 28, 2013

X-Press It Glue Marker Test Drive

A couple of weeks ago, we made a call out on the X-Press It Facebook page, for some clever crafters to try and review the new X-Press It Glue Markers. If you missed it, we have added a Wide and Pen Glue Marker to the X-Press It Range. We are super excited to share our first review with you, from Natalie.

Natalie's Review

I had such fun playing around with the glue markers. After a bit of experimenting with different techniques I found that they work really well with my super-fine glitter. So I gathered a few supplies, including all 3 X-Press It Glue Markers and went to work creating these fun and simple cards.

For my glitter technique I started with the Wide marker. Using a ruler I 'drew' a straight line of glue across the bottom of my card, sprinkled it with glitter and shook off the excess. I repeated this process with both the Regular and Fine markers. At first I was concerned the Fine marker wasn't working as I couldn't see the glue, but it was soon revealed to be all ok when I sprinkled the glitter over it. It was just so fine I couldn't make it out! But this stuff is super-strong too, and doesn't have a problem keeping the glitter in place. I think this will also be excellent for doing really small detail work, like filling in parts of stamped images.

Well, that gives me more ideas now... so I'm off to play. Thanks for letting me test drive your new products. I'm definitely going to be using them more!


You can see more of Natalies work on her blog: or blog:

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  1. A lovely set of cards, great to see the three widths of glue used on the one surface, looks great!

  2. Lovely card Natalie. Love the glue pens!