Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Making paper flowers using FabScraps Flower Kit and X-Press It Adhesives with Anne Patterson

Hi it is Anne here and I am happy to share with you a fabulous page I have made using the Fab Scraps Easy Peasy Paper Roses and X-Press it adhesives. 


They come in a range of different colours to suite almost any project, but of course they work REALLY well with the Fab Scraps paper ranges.

Step 1.  Punch out three of the same size flower (setting the centre aside).  Ink the edges if desired.

Step 2.  Cut a slit down one of the flowers, cut out one petal from one flower and two petals from the third.

3.  Using X-Press It double sided tape, adhere two petals of the flower together, so it is now a five petaled flower (creating a cone shape).

4. Repeat this process with your other two flowers, creating a 4 petal and 3 petal flower cone.

5. Taking  a skewer, roll the petals of your flowers.

6.  Using X-Press It Clear Gel, glue one of the centres into your five petaled flower.

7. Now glue the four petaled flower into the center of the five petaled flower.

 8. Add the three petaled flower into the center of the four petaled flower.

9. Take the two petals and one petal you cut out earlier, and curl and glue into the center of the flower.

9.  Repeat this process until you have the number of flowers you desire.

10.  Take out the leaves.

11. I have chosen to add some stitching detail to the leaves.

12.  Now you have finished your flowers and can use them in any way you wish on your project.

Products I have used in my project are:

X-Press It Double-Sided Tape 6mm 
X-Press It Double-Sided Tape 12mm
X-Press It Clear Gel Glue
FabScraps Shabbylicious Patterned Paper
FabScraps Pink Flamingos Patterned Paper
FabScraps Easy Peasy Paper Roses
FabScaps Die-Cut Chipboard Word Trouble
Here is my finished page.

I hope you can see how EASY PEASY this is and give them a go.

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  1. Great to see you bring these flat little pre-cut flowers to life Anne, love all the detail, and their dimensional elements are perfect on your layout, well done!

  2. Such a gorgeous layout and the flowers are beautiful. Also love how you added stitching to the leaves :-)