Wednesday, July 22, 2015

X-Press It Stencil Sheets--Easy Lettering

X-Press It Stencil Sheets:

  • Low tack vinyl, removes without residue
  • Perfect for positive or negative masks
  • Extra thick, reuse over & over again
  • Suitable for hand cut stencils
  • Great for computer or manual die cutting
  • Use for airbrushing, painting, etching, sandblasting & more

Mix up lettering for stencilling using two different methods to cut X-Press It Stencil Sheets.  Choose a well known quote, or mix up a well known quote like the one chosen here.

Step 1:
Print lettering onto standard copy paper using a printer and cut out sections from a piece of an X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheet to match the size of the lettering.
Peel the back off the Double Sided Adhesive and fix to the front of an X-Press It Stencil Sheet.

Step 2:
Peel the top protection sheet from the Double Sided Adhesive and secure the printed words directly to the face of the Stencil Sheet.
You can now hand cut the letters with a sharp pair of scissors to make individual letter masks for use on your artwork.

Step 3:
Cut alternative styled letters using a Die Cutting Machine and Letter Dies.
Cut the entire alphabet so that you have all letters on hand for future projects, keep them on the backing sheet that comes with the Stencil Sheets for easy storage.

Step 4:
Position your lettering onto a wood block, you can see the two different types of stencils in this picture.  Die cut remains the colour of the Stencil Sheet, hand cut looks like your printed letters as it has the letters stuck to the top of the Stencil Sheet with the Double Sided Adhesive.
Use washi tape as a guide line, rather than drawing a line with a pencil on your wood, makes  clean up easier.

Step 5:
Spray paint the wood and peel back the stencils to reveal the finished artwork.
Keep your stencils to use over and over again!
Make a single artwork, or a series of signs for a special event...

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