Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Faux Washi Tape

Thanks for joining us at the X- Press It Blog for another project... Today I have put together a little notebook featuring Faux Washi Tape, which comes together in a flash thanks to X-Press It 6mm Double Sided Tape.  Here is what I started with today:

I chose two different FabScraps Papers, making sure there was plenty of contrast in pattern, one stripe (Pink Flamingos 2) and one floral (Pink Flamingos).  Apply the double sided tape to the off-side of the paper, butt the tape up against one another with just enough space in between to get your scalpel through with a super clean cut.  

I used 7 pieces of each "tape" on my project, it really is as easy as strips of paper and adhesive...  Here you can see how I have started the paper weave on the little handmade booklet I am decorating.  Lay your first strip on the diagonal, and then use the alternate paper to cross the first strip on the diagonal in the opposite direction.... 

Continue this at even intervals until you have covered the front of your notebook:

Build the flower element by colouring the chipboard with Copic Markers and adhering together with X-Press-It Clear Gel:

Secure the Flower to the top section of the book front with Clear Gel Glue.  I built a little pass of card and matching paper to finish the bottom section, securing a FabScraps Charm and Pearl combo to finish.

Here are the X-Press It products I used in my project today:
  • X-Press It 6mm Double Sided Tape
  • X-Press It Clear Gel Glue.
Here are the FabScraps products I used in my project today:
  • FabScraps Papers: Pink Flamingos, Pink Flamingos 2
  • FabScraps Daisy (the small and medium from the 3 daisy set)
  • FabScraps Brass Embellishment (Padlock) and Pearl (coloured with Copic)

Thanks so much for visiting the X- Press It Blog today, I hope you have enjoyed the Faux Washi Tape Tutorial, perhaps it is time to start using all of those little strips of FabScraps Paper you have left over from other projects!
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  1. Oooh great little notebook Edna, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Love the colours. Great idea for all those pretty scraps you can't bear to just throw away. Thanks Edna!

  3. Wonderful Edna! You make everything appear to be effortless. Thanks for the inspiration.

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