Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TripleTac: Book Board, Fabric, the list is LONG!!!

The most FABulous thing about X-Press It TripleTac Glue is that it can be a one stop adhesive for all mediums in your paper-crafting projects, and beyond!!

Today I have a tutorial on the FabScraps Oz Blog where I put together a little journal.... I used TripleTac to secure paper to Book Board, and Book Board to Fabric.... a totally dreamy product that goes on with the swipe of a finger, or brush, a little goes a long way and the end result is super secure!!

The list goes on for what TripleTac will stick together.... it's super versatile, dries in just the right amount of time, clear and flat and fabulous!
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  1. can this be watered down as my bottle seems way too thick to even spread properly