Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tissue Paper Photo Canvas

Hello again everyone!!! It's Tarrah here again with you today to show you a project that I just loved creating to share with you all.
It is of course using the X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive sheets!!!

Gather what you will need to create the project....a canvas (preferably A4 or smaller), a plain sheet of printer paper, X-Press It Double Sided Adhesive Sheet, white tissue paper, sticky tape, scissors, an inkjet printer with ink. 
 Begin by cutting your tissue paper to fit the A4 plain paper so the long sides are flush and so you have just a little bit hanging over the ends. Tape these overhanging sides underneath. I was using recycled tissue paper so at this point I gave it a VERY light iron with a towel over the top to smooth a few of the wrinkles (wouldn't that be good for our faces LOL!!!!!) 
 Once your tissue paper is cut to size, smoothed and taped down to the A4 plain paper, you then need to print your chosen photo....I have two options to print with my printer, from the rear tray or the cassette tray at the bottom and when I went to print it from the rear tray it was snagging the tissue paper (lucky it didn't rip!!) as its not all taped down so lucky for me I could use the bottom cassette where there was no snagging but I just had to be sure I knew what side the tissue paper needed to be on to print on the correct side. 
 Once the ink is completely dry, its just a matter of trimming the tissue paper away from the plain paper where you taped it down...because my canvas was smaller than A4 size this allowed me to cut it a little higher but for a true A4 canvas you would need to be more precise and cut closer to the tape. 
 As you can see in the photo below the tissue paper is quite thin and fragile so you need to be really careful when handling it in the next few steps!!!
 Trim your double sided adhesive sheet to size and then place down firmly on your canvas, carefully tearing away the backing sheet......
 Starting at one side of the canvas, gently lay the tissue paper photo down smoothing it out very carefully as you place it down, you will have a few wrinkles but it adds to the character....
 This is how it should look when you have can now paint a light layer of X-Press It Triple Tac over your whole canvas to seal it....being very careful.....
or you can embellish your canvas first 
like I have done with my finished canvas.....I used some rub-ons from my stash to liven it up a little!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by the X-Press It blog, I hope I have inspired you to create something wonderful...we would love to see them!!
Make sure to leave a comment at the end of this post to be in the running to win a prize. Also be sure to check back in again next month for loads more cool projects and inspiration from us here at X-Press It!!
Tarrah :)
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  1. Very clever technique Tarrah! Fantastic project. Thank you for the tutorial and yes it would be great if we could iron out our wrinkles lol!

  2. That's a super cool way of using the adhesive Tarrah, well done, looks great, and I love the transparent look of the tissue paper on the canvas!

  3. Fantastic project, finished product looks amazing!!

    Michelle :o)

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