Wednesday, December 31, 2014

X-Press It: Sticky Foil

There is this relatively newish thing in the land of X-Press it called Sticky Foil, it is kind of soooo nice it is a little painful to cut into it, but that is what we buy it for so I got my MASCULINE on with this tutorial… given the first thing that comes to mind when I see the pattern (which is called Tread Plate) on the Sticky Foil is the pressed metal found in blokes workshops and tray backs and such…. it is shiny and a little hard to photograph but here are a couple of starting shots:

I was REALLY please to learn that the Tread Plate pattern does NOT dissipate when sticky foil is die cut, this is GOLD…. I am sure if you plate sandwich was firm it might go towards flattening, but my standard sandwich left the tread in place, making it easy to die cut elements from this fabby product:

Sticky Foil is true to name it has a grid like backing paper that separates easily from the foil, and is then easily pulled back to expose the adhesive and make it ready for adhering to the card I used today:

Another GOLD moment was when I took to the die cut frame with a Copic Marker, I thought I would have to airbrush the Sticky Foil to get the Copic to look as it should, but a few swipes with my trusty 100 Black Copic and the surface of the Sticky Foil was covered, and it left a really funky metallic look to it too… this just opened up a multitude of doors for this product for me!…. :

Sticky Foil brings a nice touch of clean cut masculine to your card projects, it cuts like butter in a die cutting machine, or on a guillotine, or with a scalpel, the backing peels back easily (SOOO important) and it sticks really well, making open window cards an easy task!

If you haven't tried Sticky Foil yet it is time to get it out of your stash and give it a whirl!!!

I look forward to using this with some different colour combos in the very near future...

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