Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TripleTac by Name, Fabulous by Nature!

It was great to combine an X-Press It Canvas with this month's feature product TripleTac to produce a little name plate. This would be great for a door or bookshelf in a little person's room and is a great way to use up scraps of paper.  Here's what I started with:

I wanted blocks of colour on my canvas, so chose co-ordinating papers from a paper pack, the green stays the same in both sections, however the blue sections are different but co-ordinating papers. Papers tear nicely and are easily reapplied with TripleTac; giving great texture to your canvas.  Simply apply the TripleTac straight to the canvas and then atop your papers as you lay them onto the canvas. This will seal the paper to the canvas and make it ready for the next layer of elements.

For the letters I printed and cut out outline text on standard copy paper, using these as a guide to apply strips of crepe paper. Simply apply the TripleTac to the letter guide and then continue to dip your brush, a solid texture brush in my example, into the TripleTac whilst bunching up your crepe paper. The TripleTac will transfer nicely onto the crepe paper and allow it to bunch up and stay with ease. Another great characteristic of TripleTac is that it dries clear and is easily painted; my letters started out white but changed colour towards the end…

Once the letters were built I assembled elements across the canvas, starting with the Sun and Pinwheel Poles.  Add extra texture to your background with paint or pens, I used some bubble wrap and white paint in this example. And a yellow paint marker once I added the paper sun and its rays….

Then it was time to add the 3D elements.  Once they were in place I chose to use some of the open space for a paper birdie... I also added a brown paint outline to the white letters with a paint pen.  At this stage the letters and pinwheels are looking pretty "clean" which is in direct comparison to the style of background...

At the final stage I added more texture to the canvas.  First by painting the letters red, which picked up the least dominant colour in the pinwheels.  Then it was just a case of adding paint across the piece, both brown and white.  I used my fingers for most of this, but also a piece of mesh to add patterned texture.  The best thing about using TripleTac is that the canvas is sealed by way of your creative process, all ready for the wear and tear of a child's room.  I hope you join us by making a canvas this month, please let us know if you do by leaving a comment, one lucky participant will be randomly selected to win a fabulous Mask-It pack from X-Press It!!!  Here's the finished canvas:
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  1. Edna: I wasn't sure where you were going with this, but I was pleasantly suprise when I arrived. Very unique!!!